Welcome to A.I.P.P.

A.I.P.P. INDUSTRIES LTD. was founded on 2007, A.I.P.P. industries Ltd. have a large spectrum of industries in Israel. our experience, knowledge and professionalism made us to be considered one of the biggest companies in import and export field. Since our company was found it participated in the food industry the company have made a significant reversal in food industry by suppling the raw material with the highest quality to the Israeli market that were imported from European and African countries. We are considered one of the main contributors to the agriculture industry in Israel as well thus by suppling more than 50 different types of chemical substances (Anhydrous ammonia ,Liquid ammonia ,Ammonium nitrate, Carbon dioxide, Hydrogen peroxide, Chlorine ,Urea ,Sulfuric acid and more).

A.I.P.P. industries Ltd. today owns a large number of ISO-Tanks that used to supply our clients with various types chemicals and gases.